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Are cooking lessons the way to beat childhood obesity?

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Colourful Eating by Erin Song Kim

The concept of ‘Colourful Eating’ was introduced to me at a very young age through a comic book, where the superheroes fly around looking for different and colourful nutritious recipes. Since then, I made it a daily goal to consume at least 4 different colours a day, whether it be fruits or vegetables.

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Pomegranate Tea (석류차) a recipe from the Philippines

Hi! I’m a student living in the US and I thought I’d share my recipe for Pomegranate tea with you to help keep you guys warm and healthy during the cold months.

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Jack’s fajitas with a homemade salsa

I have put together a recipe and instructions for a meal I have very often. Very quick to make and very good for my training for the television series I’m doing at this moment in time.

We’ve been cooking

Strawberry & yogurt ice cream to keep you cool…

As this heat wave continues, we thought you might like a creamy strawberry ice cream recipe to help keep you cool for a treat. Only five ingredients needed and no ice cream machine necesary.

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Star in a Cook School video with Abel & Cole…

Do you want to star in a Cook School video?

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