Wow! What a day!
Cook School spent the whole day at St Mary’s as part of the school’s Wellbeing Week.
The children were treated to the aroma of fresh basil as they walked into the cookery room which really got their senses sizzling!
Amanda Grant and her team ensured the children looked the part too, with very trendy aprons. The direction and guidance given by the adults was outstanding and children were given lots of culinary opportunities to use their senses; smelling, tearing, squidging and tasting the ingredients that were needed for the Panzanella Salad.
From first communications to the standard of equipment, the generous supply of Abel & Cole ingredients and experience the day went swimmingly well and was always very professional whilst encouraging the children to be curious with their cooking skills.
Ensuring 325 children all got to savour this memory was a challenge but one was that was well commandeered.
A HUGE thank you to all involved for encouraging our children to jump onto the healthy and nutritional plate in a fun, simple and creative way.