“Cook School is about getting children enthusiastic about the different types of healthy food available and teaching them to cook. Both Co-Founders Kristian Dean and leading food educator and award-winning children’s cookbook author Amanda Grant are passionate about offering accessible and affordable recipe boxes to help teach kids to cook, learn a new skill and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Cook School recently launched the The Valentine’s Day granola recipe box. Kids up and down the country can shower their parents with love with a homemade granola and fresh fruit Valentine’s breakfast.
The granola recipe makes up to 12 servings, which is great, as it can also be enjoyed long after V-Day! The box contains everything you need to make a scrumptious granola. In the box you will find oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, Canadian maple syrup, fresh fruit, fresh yogurt, a wooden mixing spoon and a recipe card.

I was kindly sent a box to try out, once I laid out all the ingredients, I followed the instructions on the recipe card. It was the first time I had made granola and not only was it fun to make it was also very easy, the box contains all the ingredients you need, which are measured out perfectly for the recipe, so there was no stress and minimal mess in the kitchen.

I was very pleased by the amount of granola I had made, allowing me not only to enjoy it on the weekend, but throughout the week as well. The granola looked inviting and tasted delicious, it wasn’t overly sweet and I added some strawberries and blueberries to increase my daily vitamin intake. That’s the beauty of granola, once you have the perfect base you can add whatever you like, whether it be fresh fruit, peanut butter or extra nuts and seeds. No doubt once the granola is finished I will be making some more, although yes this is targeted at children, it’s also a lot of fun for adults to get involved in as well.

Price: £20.00 and can be purchased by clicking here.

Cook School offers fortnightly Cook School Recipe Boxes, you will find: Cauliflower curry, harissa bean burger and homemade pizza, there is also a rhubarb and vanilla crumble recipe – which is a special box for Mother’s Day, available in March.”

Each box contains delicious, pure maple syrup from Canada https://www.maplefromcanada.co.uk

You can also read the review here… https://onin.london/cook-school-launches-the-valentines-day-granola-with-fresh-fruit-and-yogurt-recipe-box/