We love hearing from children who’ve taken their skills home to show the family - it’s what Cook School’s all about. So we were thrilled when we got this letter from Paarav in London, aged 9 who takes part in one of our Cook School classes. Keep up the good work!

I enjoy the Cook School classes because they teach young chefs like me how to cook different types of meals, with only a little bit of adult help. It allowed me to show my family what a good cook I am and everyone could enjoy the same meal, even my little brother Saavan. I cooked for my family on Valentine’s Day.

My favourite pizza topping is peppers (all the colours) because when you bite them, they are crunchy and juicy and the sweetness comes out into your mouth. Yum!
I would like to learn to make Bruschetta con Funghi because I want to know how to carefully pour liquid into a saucepan safely (without it splashing) and this is one of my favourite dishes.

Since I started cookery club, I have learnt to make vegetable scrambled eggs by myself and safely.

I would love to be a chef with my little brother and we can open our own restaurant.
I would like to go onto Masterchef Junior when I’m a little bit older and my cooking skills really improve.