Even if you’re not planning on going vegetarian or vegan full-time, it’s a fab idea to add more veggie dishes into your week, which is why Cook School is supporting National Vegetarian Week 2019, 13-19 May, to help spread the word.

As a charity committed to teaching children the skills they need to eat healthily for life, we’ve always tried to encourage children to eat more vegetables. Linda McCartney Foods is one of our fabulous partners, and so far, all of Cook School’s classes have been vegetarian, too.

A new poll by Linda McCartney Foods has shown that 70% of school children would like more veggie options for their school dinners, 44% have tried to cut meat from their diet, and 10% live meat-free. So during National Vegetarian Week, Cook School will join forces with veggie YouTuber superstars BOSH! to teach a whole school a vegan Linda McCartney’s Food recipe.

Trinity Primary School in Lewisham, London will welcome Henry and Ian of BOSH! and Cook School, where we’ll host a special cookery demonstration during assembly, showing pupils how to make our very special Linda McCartney’s Fully Loaded Vegetarian Pulled Pork Burger BOSH! Bowl. They’ll also get the chance to cook the recipe themselves, in classes held throughout the day.

And it’s not just Trinity Primary School who’ll get to enjoy our exclusive recipe – Cook School pupils across the country will also be cooking up a storm in classes throughout the week. It’s all part of our drive to teach adults and children alike how to make delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes, and encourage more schools to go meat-free. It’s good for our health, and for the planet.

Our aim isn’t to stop people eating meat, if they choose to. We just think veggies are brilliant, and so important for a balanced diet. So we want to help everyone enjoy as many different types as possible, in loads of exciting dishes.