For weekend entertainment around the kitchen table give the Giraffe bread a go! I'm including a couple of photos to act as a technique prompt.



  • rolling pin
  • loaf tin
  • basic bread mix
  • dark, milk and white chocolate
  • a little cocoa


Depending on the size of loaf you want to make; small, large or 2 x small (to share or freeze) it's possible to make one batch of dough and add three types of chocolate. Dark, milk and white. Or make three separate batches of chocolate dough. Butter or line the loaf tin.


I tend to make a batch of basic bread, divide the dough and add the 3 different types of chocolate. Doing this in a mixer or food processor is a doddle. If doing by hand it takes a bit of arm power.


500g of flour makes one large loaf: divide the dough in half. Set aside one half and divide the other in half again i.e. quarters of the original.


Add white chocolate to the large piece, milk chocolate to one of the small pieces and finally dark chocolate and cocoa powder to the other small piece of dough.


Allow to rest and rise. After an hour cut each of the three chocolate doughs into 8.


Soon you will understand why there is more white chocolate dough. Dark chocolate: roll into 8 "sausages" Milk: roll or flatten into 8 rough ovals White: roll or flatten into 8 rough rectangles


Wrap a dark "sausage" in milk chocolate dough and then wrap in the white chocolate dough. Repeat. Put the shaped dough into the lined loaf tin. Allow to fully rise until doubled in size.


Bake at 190C, approx 25-30mins until golden brown or sounding hollow when tapped on the bottom.


Tip: Alternatively; make three separate batches of sweet, enriched dough then shape as described above. This gives a sweeter, softer crumb.