However, as I grew up, eating home-cooked meals became less frequent, making it harder for me to consume more than even 3 colours a day sometimes. Currently, I am living alone, which means I have to make my own meal plans with a limited amount to spend and try eating like I used to can get difficult. Here are some tips in easily making your food a little more colorful, delicious, nutritious and affordable!

Add more ingredients to your basic foods.

  1. For example, I love to have yogurt every morning. So I make sure that when I eat it, it is not only with granola but also fresh fruits such as strawberries and bananas. Buying little portions of each and pre-making them into little fruit cups also help save your time in the morning, and that’s already 2 colours right there!
  2. Put the colourful ingredients near the front of the fridge. I find it easier to know which colours I lack in my fridge if I locate my red, green, purple and orange foods near the front of the refrigerator. For example, as soon as my open my fridge and only see orange, I know I should go out and purchase some green, and red coloured foods.
  3. Set a breakfast, lunch and dinner plan. Every night before, plan out your meals for the next day. If you know you will have some blueberries for breakfast, instead of having eggplant for lunch, consider something with a tomato or some carrots instead.Colourful eating not only is nutritious and healthy, but it is also so fun to cook and looks very appetizing! Although it may be confusing at first, knowing that all different colours provide you with different nutrition, can allow you to be more aware and cautious of what you are eating.