Erin, Canada, 17 years old

Pomegranate Tea a recipe from the Philippines

Hi! I'm a student living in the US and I thought I'd share my recipe for Pomegranate tea with you to help keep you guys warm and healthy during the cold months.
Mikey, London, aged 8

Fruit crumble for pudding… it was yummy

I made this for pudding tonight and we all really liked it… I added 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and some brown sugar to the crumble mix and it tasted really good. The fruit was rhubarb from my mum’s friend’s allotment and...
Finley, Sussex, aged 15

Finley is trying to add more Vegan food to his diet…

I’ve been keen to try and eat more vegan and vegetarian food for a while. I’ve been trying some easy ideas for my packed lunches like this one: sliced tomato, rocket, avocado and black pepper. If anyone has any more ideas let me know please!
Saavan, London, aged 5

We’ve got mail…keep them coming!

We love hearing from you - and this letter is amazing. Food so good, even little brothers love it... This has to be the best compliment ever.
Paarav, London, aged 8

Paarav’s pizza, enough for the whole family to enjoy

We love hearing from children who’ve taken their skills home to show the family - it’s what Cook School’s all about. So we were thrilled when we got this letter from Paarav in London, aged 9 who takes part in one of our Cook School classes. Keep up the good work!