We’ve teamed up with City Harvest

We've partnered with City Harvest to provide thought provoking cooking events in primary schools, starting this week by teaching over a hundred children in Bedford how to cook a healthy meal using salvaged food. "I'm going to make this again on Christmas day for my mum and step sister." Bett, aged 11 years.

Are cooking lessons the answer?

We're in the paper today! BIG thanks to everyone involved so far. If you want to help, we'd love to hear from you! You can read all about us right here...

Colourful Eating by Erin Song Kim

The concept of 'Colourful Eating' was introduced to me at a very young age through a comic book, where the superheroes fly around looking for different and colourful nutritious recipes. Since then, I made it a daily goal to consume at least 4 different colours a day, whether it be fruits or vegetables.