When Cook School first approached Berkeley Scott, we were hooked within five minutes of understanding the mission and purpose of the cause.
We get contacted by many organisations, but Cook School stood out to us. It’s evident that they have a genuine care for tackling a very prominent issue today; child obesity. They are proactive in their approach by teaching and showing children how to cook healthy recipes, so that not only are they learning about diet, but also a lifelong skill. The hope for Berkeley Scott is that in the future some of these children may even consider a professional career in the kitchen.

A representative from Berkeley Scott had the great opportunity of participating in one of the after-school classes (DBS checked of course!) and it was fulfilling to say the least.

The children were very energetic and eager to learn. Surprisingly some children who were not sold on the vegetable samosas recipe had a change of heart once they tasted what they had cooked, which was simply amazing. Other children were very vocal on their love for particular vegetables and were fascinated on the combination of mango chutney with spinach and sweetcorn.

The class of 12 was full and had a waiting list due to more parents signing up for the class, which I found to be very impressive given the fact Cook School is still new. As the children would say “come on!”.

The children were given the recipe sheets to take home, with the hope this could have a domino effect with them trying the recipe at home with other family members.

Karen Morris, director of Cook School was great and is truly a gem. With over 30 years sourcing the best candidates for our clients, Berkeley Scott aims to provide Cook School with well-suited chefs who will help to continue to spread, impact and teach children their mission of healthy cooking.
We look forward to what the future holds working in partnership with Cook School and hope others get involved too.