About us

Children inspiring children.
Our mission:
Our ambition is to help children to understand food, teach children how to cook basic, healthy meals and give them the skills and the confidence to repeat cook at home for their family and friends.
About the course:

Created by leading food educator and award-winning children’s cookbook author Amanda Grant, Cook School is a nationwide project offering accessible and affordable cookery lessons for students aged 5-19. With the support of school and home cooks, chefs, teachers, parents, and the support of people and funds from across the industry, we can make sure that these classes are available to all!

This school is about getting children excited about food and teaching them to cook. The course, inspired by classic dishes and street foods from around the world, is written by Amanda with contributions from top chefs, cooks, writers and the students themselves. It is also developed to suit each school term and age group.

Our lessons are carefully planned to give the students confidence in the kitchen and a sense of achievement. The classes are fun and inspirational and offer an introduction to eating well and cooking skills that will be useful through school, college, university and beyond.

Our classes are led by passionate home and school cooks and chefs, who have been carefully chosen from the local community. Our team are ready to inspire our students and be inspired by the students.

Cook School is about building a community of students and their families who, with the help of home and school cooks, chefs and teachers, will learn to cook and share their recipes and ideas with others. 

We encourage Cook School students to be ambassadors for change by sharing their pictures, ideas and their recipes.

Providing everything from delicious recipes and attention-grabbing videos, to kitchen equipment and enthusiastic teachers, the full Cook School package offers everything children need for lessons that are creative, inspiring, and above all, fun!

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